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Proof of earnings, See my trading account, cheques and newspaper articles

Hi-tech messiah who wants to spread his betting secret

Vince Stanzione has made 2m from internet gambling on market price movements. Almost anyone could do the same, he tells Jill Insley

Sunday November 16, 2003
The Observer
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Metals have been good to Vince Stanzione this autumn. He stands to make at least 100,000 out of copper, and in September, he made 250,000 when the price of gold soared. But Stanzione does not actually buy the shares or assets that are making him wealthy; his success with copper came from a bet on the price of mining company Antofagasta.

Vince Stanzione wins 109,731.19 in less than a week!
After a good week Vince Stanzione picks up 109,731.19 from IG Index Dealing Director Stacey Ash. At the same time Vince Stanzione gives 10,973.11 to the Childline Charity.
Vince Stanzione at IG Index Office London

What Investment
Trading veteran Vince Stanzione points out that a good trader does not necessarily need to make money every single time. 'You could get 80 per cent of your trades wrong and still make money. Let's say you lose 100 on eight trades and then make 500
on two trades, you are still in profit. However sure you are that the market will crash or XYZ is going to soar, make your first trade a small one, and then, if you are correct, add more to that trade.' click to read full article

Vince Stanzione IG Index Account This is how Vince Stanzione makes money - think this is a scam? Real account real money
vince stanzione statement with IG Index, Vince Stanzione is the leading name in Financial Spread Betting and Financial Spread Trading
Meet a self made millionaire Josephine ODonoghue chats with Vince Stanzione about his self made wealth, trading on the stock market and the ecomony today
Vince Stanzione making money from financial spread betting - Get the facts learn to trade - spread betting systems that work
Vince Stanzione May 2010 Making Money From Financial Spread Betting

Statements June 2006 IG index, Click here to open PDF files quick download

Article - Secrets of an Internet Spread Betting Millionare

Independent on Sunday 10/6/01
How one man brought spread betting from the city trading room to the suburban living rooms,click to read

Betting Made Us 1 million, Times 3rd August 2003

Cheques and Statements 2004 (PDF)

How 20,000 turned into 220,00 with tax free fixed odds bets. see graph in the above document.

Cheques, statements 2004, Daily Mirror
The Times February 06, 2003
Punter Strikes Gold With Price Bet

Printout of my whole trading account with Cantor Index showing ALL trades no breaks or selective parts. over 12 months of trades (quick to download) I challenge anyone else to do this!

Thank you letter from BBC televison Ester to Vince Stanzione re How to Make a Million

15,000 into 1.7 million Daily Mail, Cash & Curry NO PDF

Cheques and statements 1

200,000 win for Brit punter The Sun January 2001 NO PDF

Statements (quick to download) 2

statements and cheques

Screen of Vince Stanzione on the BBC Ester program "How To Make A Million"

Screen 2 of Vince Stanzione on the BBC Ester program "How To Make A Million"

Cleaning up: Dentist Sarab Singh makes massive tax free profits"

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